About Evelyn


My name is Evelyn A. Ramirez. I was born and raised in California’s Central Valley before moving across the country to Washington DC. I currently live in the District while working full-time from home. I recently graduated from The George Washington University with my Bachelors in American Studies and a minor in Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

I am a first generation Chicana feminist who loves photography, writing, brunching, and more.

Community Service

I love giving back to my community. I find we can easily get lost within our own lives but it is important to give back to your community. I have served all four years of undergrad as part of GW’s Freshman Day of Service. I love sharing my passion for service with the incoming cohort of first-years at GW.


After my Comunicadores Fellowship in the summer of 2017, I felt a need to continue to utilize my communication skills to advocate for the Latinx community. Thus far I have interned with different non-profits and the federal government in their communications’ departments.

Latinx Issues

As mentioned, I am passionate about serving my community and I also am passionate about advocating for those that are underserved/do not have a seat at the table. I love to speak with young Latinas and inspire them to pursue their dreams. Latina empowerment is something I take seriously.


I have served as a Trabajadoras Fellow in 2017-2018 and again in the 2018-2019 cohort, focusing on Latina Equal Pay as Latinas currently make 53 cents to a white man’s dollar. I participated as a Young People For Fellow in the 2018-2019 cohort, focusing on social justice issues that affect my community in particular. Additionally, I served as a Near Peer Mentor for two years with Reach Higher. Last year, I was part of GW Women x Springboard Enterprises inaugural cohort, focusing on a new venture that would empower women workers. All in all, I am passionate about the work I do and learning alongside others to fight for equity and racial justice.